24-26.02.2010, Lviv (Ukraine): IV International Ecological Forum "ECO solution - new technologies".

 IV International Ecological Forum «ECO solution - new technologies»


24 – 26 of February 2010. Lvov, Ukraine

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Dear Colleagues,
Exhibition Center «Lemberg» invited to take part in International Ecological Forum ―ECO Solutions – New Technologies‖, directed on promotion of world’s newest technologies, which consider human need in protection and improvement of the Ukrainian ecology.


Exhibition parts

Energy- saving

- Energy-savings and resource-saving technologies, systems and equipment

- Energy-saving equipment and technologies in building, industry and municipal spheres

- Thermo electric power stations. Coppers. Burners. Diesel and steam units. Pumps. Compressors. Hydraulic equipment. Convectors. Radiators. Heaters

- Computer-based systems of measure and control of energy using, control equipment. Heat and power measure equipment

Alternative and Renewable Energy

- Solar, wind, geothermal, bioenergetics, small hydro-electric engineering

- Repeated utilization of energy supply, energy supply economy systems

- Waste energy production

- Technologies of production and using of alternative fuel, bio-fuel, biogas

Industrial and municipal waste

- Collection, sorting, transportation, processing and waste utilization

- Waste recycling, waste processing technologies

- Building and using municipal waste ranges

- Restoration of municipal waste ranges and polluted territories

- Waste management

- Machines and lines for collection, sorting and transportation waste

Municipal services

- Engineering networks (projecting, construction, reconstruction, and usage)

- Pipe-line systems. Management of gas-, heat-, water-maintenance and water drains

- Municipal heating system

- Systems and technologies of water-supply, water-treatment for drinking and domestic needs, drainage systems, sewerage. Laboratories and technologies for water quality control. Water protection and hydro-technical constructions.

- Drain cleaning equipment, heat cleaning equipment, sewerage cleaning

- Machines for street and premises cleaning (machines for sweeping, watering and vacuum, snow-cleaning machines, vacuum cleaner, lawn-movers), multifunctional machines

- Recreation zones; municipal park technologies, children and sport areas

- Ecologically projects, scientific research, software. Financial services. Engineering, consulting, banking, leasing, insurance and expert services