About us

Since over 20 years we help businesses and institutions to enter new markets and develop international expansion strategies on all continents, in 50 countries and 50 sectors. That makes us a leading Company for innovative Internationalization.

DREBERIS is the founder of an Export Award, creator of the ethical, minimalistic management approach DREBERIS Method and of the company-value-increasing VII-Theory.
We also share our experience e.g. on universities and business schools, teaching students, entrepreneurs, and develop talents in our team.

With own teams in Dresden/Germany, Schwyz/Switzerland, Wroclaw/Poland, Lviv/Ukraine and partners worldwide we successfully helped over 1000 clients.

The dynamic steering wheel in our new logo is therefore no coincidence: it symbolizes broadening the horizons and safely driving the expansions into new markets. In times of information overload, fake news and other risks, reliability and precision are key.

The name DREBERIS comes from German: DREsdner BERatung für internationale Strategien,  meaning ‘Dresden International Strategy Consultants’. In Dresden (Germany) and in Polish Wrocław we established our business in 1999. Today we support our clients in numerous countries in Europe and Asia, as well as in North America, South America, Africa and Australia.


Already hundreds of companies and organizations have entered new markets with us. Find out what we can do for you and which countries we cover (please click on the graphics):


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